Mar 23 2014

Episode 142 – Cue Bull

November 2013

November 2013

George has to find a new home for his father’s stuffed bull, but is a pub really the best place?

by Dan Absalonson

Find his website at:
His blog is at: Writings of Dan

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Mar 18 2013

Episode 112 – A Tactical Decision

EPT 112 Mick

Even in the midst of a siege by the dark legions of the Overseer, a single choice can change a life forever, when love strikes.

by Mick Bordet

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Mar 1 2013

Episode 110 – The Death of His Wife

After fifty years of marriage, a man has found a way to love and cherish the wife God gave him.

by Jeri Howitt

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Feb 12 2012

Episode 83 – The Selkie

Is the old woman crazy or is there some truth to the legend of the Selkies?

by Mick Bordet & Katharina Maimer

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Apr 16 2011

Episode 64 – Castle Wall

Time is running out for Ellie. She is being chased and must pass on her message. Who is the man following her?

By Katharina Maimer & Mick Bordet

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Jan 22 2011

Episode 47 – Now or Never

The last chance of a failing relationship – or is it already too late?

By Odin1Eye and Emily of New Moon

Find his Blog at: View from Valhalla

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Nov 23 2010

Episode 36 – One dusty road

After fifty years, one man drives down one dusty road again.

By Michael J. Parry

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Aug 20 2010

Episode 29 – Lochside

Two people and a memory of a Scottish loch.

by Katharina and Mick

Photo: (c) 2010 Katharina

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Jul 29 2010

Episode 27 – Waiting for someone

Sometimes you find someone when you are not waiting for them…

by Richard Green aka Mainframe

Find his Podcast at: Geek Out! with Mainframe

The texts of his stories can be found HERE.

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Jul 17 2010

Episode 24 – The Gift

In a train station, an old woman finds the gift of her present in her past.

By Doc Coleman

You can find him at: Scaleslea and The Nifty Tech Blog.

[Update: ‘The Gift’ is now available as an e-book. Just visit the Smashwords website to download it. If you use Goodreads, you can also pick it up there – please leave a review!]

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