May 31 2010

Episode 16 – Near Missing

How boredom led to friendship.

By Mick Bordet

This is a stand-alone Spin-off episode from ‘Some Other Scotland’, Mick’s serialised podcast novel, that can be found at:

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Apr 25 2010

Episode 09 – Stones

Sometimes you are only able to find something special when you’re not looking for it.

By Odin1Eye

Find his Blog at:

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Feb 21 2010

Episode 02 – The Channel

Inkland and Blotland are two very different countries, separated by a channel of water with no way to cross until the year of the big freeze, when two brave and lonely souls cross over for very different reasons.

By Mick

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Feb 14 2010

Episode 01 – Post or Flight

A man is on the run, from his life and his past…

By Katharina

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