May 31 2010

Episode 16 – Near Missing

How boredom led to friendship.May 2010 [©2010 K Maimer]

By Mick Bordet

This is a stand-alone Spin-off episode from ‘Some Other Scotland’, Mick’s serialised podcast novel, that can be found at:

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May 29 2010

Episode 15 – Flat White

May 2010 [©2010 K Maimer]A couple meets because they share a love for a very special coffee – the Flat White.

By Odin1Eye

Find his Blog at:

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May 27 2010

Episode 14 – Convers@ion

May 2010 [©2010 K Maimer]When the line between imagination and reality gets blurry, have symbols still a meaning?

By Mark ‘the Encaffeinated ONE’ Kilfoil

You can find his podcast at: the WEIRD Show

From his Blog: What a Convers@ion with me might be like: Every Photo Tells

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May 25 2010

Episode 13 – The Queen’s Beans

May 2010 [©2010 K Maimer]A queen, torn between her love for coffee and dessert and her precious dogs.

By Emily of New Moon

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May 23 2010

Episode 12 – Young Love and Other Perilous Pursuits

May 2010 [©2010 K Maimer]A young couple and the risks they take to make ends meet.

by Richard Green aka Mainframe

Find his Podcast at: Geek Out! with Mainframe

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May 17 2010

Episode 11 – Dalì’s Vengeance

May 2010 [©2010 K Maimer]About a painting, a thief, and a very geeky couple.

By Katharina

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May 5 2010

Every Photo Tells… Promo

We have finished the promo for the “Every Photo Tells…” Podcast!

Feel free to stick it in your podcast, on your blog, or send it out to spread the word!


May 2 2010

Photo for May

The photo for April was taken by Katharina in 2010.

If you are also inspired by this picture, check out the About page for further information for contributors.