Dec 27 2011

Episode 81 – Flyers

Who is behind the regular appearance of sports cars in the lake, and why has the pattern suddenly changed?

By Odin1Eye

Find his Blog at: View from Valhalla


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Dec 17 2011

Episode 80 – Pills

Ep80 - Pills
Would you like heightened senses or increased athletic performance? All with no side-effects? What if these could only be supplied by a mysterious stranger with a desire for blood?

By J. R. Murdock.

More from J.R. at: his blog.


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Dec 11 2011

Episode 79 – Freedom

Episode 79 - Freedom
Juliette wakes up to find herself safe from the abusers, but something far more dangerous lies in her future and only her gentle rescuer knows the truth of his dark secret.

by Mick Bordet

More from Mick at: his blog and ‘Some Other Scotland’

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