Feb 28 2011

Episode 59 – A Kiss Goodnight

Sir Roderic’s swordsmanship at the tournament brings him face-to-face with the Baron: an expert with the imposing broadsword.

By Odin1Eye

Find his Blog at: View from Valhalla

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Feb 27 2011

Episode 58 – Waxing On

1745: A husband and wife jump at opportunity as Bonnie Prince Charlie rides past on his way to claim the throne.

A “Some Other Scotland” Spin-Off.

By Mick Bordet

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Feb 27 2011

Episode 57 – Helsa’s Secret Ingredient

Business is poor, but Helsa has an idea that could help. If only she can persuade her husband to visit her strange old uncle.

by Dan Absalonson

Find his Blog at: Writings of Dan

[UPDATE: Dan has made this story available for reading as an eBook at Smashwords.]

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Feb 24 2011

Episode 56 – Valhalla (Part 1)

Kat felt the cold steel deck of the bridge against her cheek. She knew she had to get up, or die. And let her crew die with her…

By Richard “Mainframe” Green

Find his Podcast at: Geek out! with Mainframe

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Feb 20 2011

Episode 55 – The Chandler

What happens when you accuse an old chandler of witchcraft…

By Richard D. Asplund Jr.

Find his Blog at: Random Pimpage

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Feb 14 2011

Episode 54 – The Wayfarers Garden

When Elanore and Gurt get bored, strange things start to happen…
A “Spiral Tattoo” Spin-Off.

By Michael J. Parry
The Spiral Tattoo podcast.
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Feb 6 2011

Episode 53 – One Too Many Whisky

Two shabby men in a shabby bar…

By Katharina Maimer

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