Jun 27 2012

Tainted Roses on Podiobooks!


Can you imagine – the novella “Tainted Roses” by Mark Kilfoil is already our FOURTH book on Podiobooks!
This is very exciting for us, and we hope you will check out Tainted Roses over there as well.

At this point another thanks to Mark who was so immensely inspired that he ignored each and every word limit and still put out such a great story, we had to podcast it anyway… :)


Now head over to Podiobooks and enjoy!

Podiobooks – Tainted Roses

Jun 24 2012

Episode 92 – Lou’s Journey

Lorna leaves the dying planet, taking only her son and the knowledge that will save their precious cargo.

By Hugh J. O’Donnell

Find his Podcast at: Way of the Buffalo

Direct Download

Jun 17 2012

Episode 91 – Bamboozled

Agent, spy, genius, geek. Jo never wanted to work in the field, but when he does, it’s obvious why.

By Katharina Maimer

Direct Download

Jun 10 2012

Episode 90 – The Dr. will see you now

Everybody’s favourite cybernetic passerine assassin returns. Can he bring his quarry without decimating the countryside?

By Odin1Eye
Find his Blog at: View from Valhalla

Direct Download

Jun 3 2012

Episode 89 – The Empty Seat

When the orchestra needs a new flautist, it seems like Geoffrey has found the perfect candidate, but nothing is quite that simple.

by Mick Bordet

Direct Download

Jun 1 2012

Photo for June

Are you ready for June?
The photo for June was taken by Katharina in 2009.

If you are also inspired by this picture, check out the Submissions page for further information for contributors.

Please send in your written stories by June 30th to: info ( at ) everyphototells ( dot ) com