Oct 30 2010

Episode 33 – King Pin

Al visits the place where it all began and remembers the day his life changed forever.

By Odin1Eye

Find his Blog at: http://www.viewfromvalhalla.com

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Oct 24 2010

Episode 32 – Welcome to Paradox

Lars Keller finds himself quite literally out of time, sentenced for a crime he won’t commit for years. The paradox that centres around him is growing and he can only call on himself for help.

By Doc Coleman

You can find him at: Scaleslea and The Nifty Tech Blog.

Welcome to Paradox Cover
The story is also available as an eBook in many formats from Smashwords.

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Oct 23 2010

View from Valhalla: EPT Book 1 Review

OdinOur dear friend and contributor Odin1eye has, as you might know, a blog where he reviews podiobooks. Usually, these are finished fiction novels, and never anthologies. We were very honoured to see that he chose a special edition to review “Every Photo Tells… Book 1”, as it has been released on this site and podiobooks.com.

You can find the review at the View from Valhalla Blog.

Hoping that he will continue to send in many stories to the podcast, we send a big THANK YOU to Odin!

Katharina & Mick

Oct 17 2010

Episode 31 – The Job

A man, trapped in a microwave, tries to find his way to redemption and the goal he’s been working for for many years…

By Katharina Maimer

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Oct 13 2010

Episode 30 – The Change

A normal day on board a small space cruiser turns into a nightmare for a man who has to face his future alone and come to terms with his past.

by Mick Bordet

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Oct 2 2010

Return and new deadline!

Dear listeners and writers,

First of all, we are very sorry for the prolonged hiatus. Unfortunately, sometimes life gets in the way.

Which means, the September prompt will be October now and the deadline is

October 17

If you are inspired by this picture, check out the Contributions page for further information for contributors.

Please send in your written stories to: info ( at ) everyphototells ( dot ) com

The new episodes will also start soon!

Katharina & Mick

Oct 1 2010

Photo for October

The photo for September was taken by Katharina in 2010.

If you are also inspired by this picture, check out the Contributions page for further information for contributors.

Please send in your written stories until September 17 to: info ( at ) everyphototells ( dot ) com