May 31 2013

Photo(s) for the Summer

After numerous requests we decided to open ALL previous photo prompts to submission. You can find the full collection in our GALLERY.

For those of you who have missed deadlines, have half-written stories for us lying around or a story that would really better fit with a different picture. Or maybe you have seen a photo on the site and regretted missing its window? Well, now’s your chance!

With 29 photos under our belt, there should be something to inspire every one of you! Just don’t forget to tell us which of the photos inspired you when you send it in! :)

If you are also inspired by this picture, check out the Submissions page for further information and rules for contributors.

Please send in your written stories by August 31st to: info ( at ) everyphototells ( dot ) com

August / September 2011 [© K Maimer]

August / September 2011

May 27 2013

Obscurities – Part 05

The box reveals its last artefacts from the past.

by Mick Bordet

Available as a free eBook from Smashwords and Leanpub. The music from each episode is available as a download from Bandcamp.

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May 25 2013

Obscurities – Part 04

How did Del’s family entertain themselves through the blackouts and how does the old flute soothe the soul?

by Mick Bordet

Available as a free eBook from Smashwords and Leanpub. The music from each episode is available as a download from Bandcamp.

The audiobook is now also available from!

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May 23 2013

Obscurities – Part 03

Next out of Del’s box of obscurities is an instrument of revenge and a piece of musical legend.

by Mick Bordet

Available as a free eBook from Smashwords and Leanpub. The music from each episode is available as a download from Bandcamp.

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May 22 2013

Our new Promo!

We thought it was time for a new promo… then we thought, maybe you want to hear someone else’s voice for a change.

And then we went even further and took Dan up on his offer to record it for us…

So now you don’t have to take our word on why you should listen and contribute to Every Photo Tells…!

Trust Lois! And Dan!


Our NEW Promo! By Dan Absalonson

Download the Promo

May 21 2013

Obscurities – Part 02

Obscurities Del’s journey of discovery takes her to her mother’s trip through the Andes and her uncle’s rather peculiar agricultural undertaking.

by Mick Bordet

Available as a free eBook from Smashwords and Leanpub. The music from each episode is available as a download from Bandcamp.

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May 19 2013

Obscurities – Part 01

When Del discovers a box full of strange musical instruments in the attic, it reveals more about her family history and holds some secrets to her own past.

by Mick Bordet

You might have noticed that Mick appeared not to have written anything for the last EPT prompt.

Now we can reveal why.

Earlier this year he spent several months creating music with some of the stranger instruments in his collection, blogging about the results and posting the music on Soundcloud. After some final edits and mastering, the music has now become a full album of instrumental gems that stride confidently between rock, classical, jazz, folk and blues.

To make the overall package more interesting, he also created some short stories about each instrument used in the album, but only when the latest EPT prompt appeared did he have the idea that would pull all these tales into one narrative, with the old house providing the perfect location for the whole story. These stories are available in eBook format in the album download (along with a set of photographs by Katharina) as well as being podcast here as a five-part special.

Available as a free eBook from Smashwords.

Listen to the album and download it from Bandcamp.

Direct Download

May 15 2013

Half a Million

February 2010 [©2009 K Maimer]… downloads. Wow.

Across all our feeds, we’ve managed to get a total of half a million downloads since we started the podcast. This is quite amazing, given that not everyone starts with episode 1 since now we have over 100 episodes in the main feed. Apart from that, we have 5 anthologies on Podiobooks and a lot of eBooks out!

Over three years ago, on Valentine’s Day 2010, we launched the podcast with a photo that was taken in Edinburgh on Frederick Street. This is – quite literally – where it all started, so we saw it fit to be the first photo for our new project.

Some of you might not know the story, so let’s tell it again. Mick and Katharina had already been contributors of writing podcasts like 100 Word Stories and Great Hites whilst at the same time pursuing their own projects. Around that time, a photo exhibition opened in Vienna. The photographer prompted the visitors to write their thoughts of the photos on a piece of paper – the stories behind the photo, or what was going on in it – and throw the paper in a big box which was situated at the exit.

That’s where the idea for the podcast came from. Katharina had always been an avid photographer, so it was easy to get the pictures that would inspire the stories. We decided to open the podcast for submissions, but read all the stories ourselves in order to maintain a consistent level of quality. So far, it has worked well, especially for people who don’t have access to recording equipment, but would like to test the waters of podcasting their fiction.

Every once in a while a hiatus is required, to recharge the creative batteries – it isn’t easy to come up with a new story every month, even when you pick the photos that prompt them. A photo that might look promising could sit on your screen for hours without a single word underneath. But then there are others – like a duck on a plank – that prompt the most varied selection of stories. The credit for this goes entirely to Mick – there might have been a moment where Katharina didn’t know why she should take a plain photo of a duck on a plank. Somewhere between cybernetic robot assassin ducks, gangland posturing and a murder she was proven wrong.

Some photos trigger discussions about the place where they are taken that are longer than the stories submitted. That’s okay, too. In the end, it’s about uniting two different creative outlets – photography and writing – just as much as it’s about throwing two different creative people together – Katharina and Mick.

Last but not least, we want to thank you – the listeners, the readers and of course the contributors – without whom this wouldn’t have been possible.  :)

May 1 2013

Every Photo Tells… eBook now available!

eBook vol 1We are delighted to announce our first eBook collection of stories from EPT, which includes all Mick and Katharina’s stories from the first ten photographs, starting way back in February 2010. All ten photos are also included at the start of each chapter in full colour (if you have an ebook reader capable of colour, of course). It is available in all your favourite formats, so visit your on-line store of choice and download a copy.

Download from:
Smashwords for ePub, MOBI, PDF, and more.
Amazon (USA)
Amazon (United Kingdom)
Amazon (Canada)
Amazon (Germany)
iTunes US Store
iTunes UK Store
Once you have read the book, please consider leaving a review on Amazon, Goodreads, iTunes or anywhere else – that would really help us to spread the word!

Here’s the blurb…

Kilted pirate Greenbeard’s last voyage turns up some unexpected surprises…

Who is behind the murder at the Eagle Cave?

Love crops up when it is least expected…

An ancient terror awakens to threaten mankind’s existence…

‘Every Photo Tells…’ is a short story anthology that sets out to show that every picture can tell more than just one story, by presenting a range of tales inspired by ten photographs.

Mick and Katharina Bordet present stories covering a wide range of themes and genres. Whether your taste is for horror or whodunnit, modern thriller or period swashbuckler, fantasy or sci-fi, there is sure to be something for you in this collection.