Jan 31 2011

Photo for February

The photo for February was taken by Katharina in 2009.

If you are also inspired by this picture, check out the Submissions page for further information for contributors and check out the post about “Resolutions” for more tips as well.

Please send in your written stories until February 18 to: info ( at ) everyphototells ( dot ) com

 [©2009 K Maimer]

Jan 30 2011

Episode 52 – The Hunt

In a world where vampires and werewolves have to live together, a Hunter goes out on a special task.

By Richard D. Asplund Jr.

Find his Blog at: Random Pimpage

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Jan 30 2011

Episode 51 – The Price of Surrender

When Donal Spencer and his bunch of pirates go on a raid, they don’t know what the Price of Surrender is.

By Doc Coleman

Find his Podcast & Blog at: The Shrinking Man Project & The Nifty Tech Blog

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Jan 29 2011

Episode 50 – Duck of a Different Sort

The lesson one has to learn if they cross paths with Heidi.

By Richard “Mainframe” Green

Find his Podcast at: Geek out! with Mainframe

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Jan 29 2011

Episode 49 – Qu-Ack-Ack-Ack-Ack

The trials of a robot assassin duck – QuAl.

By Odin1Eye

Find his Blog at: View from Valhalla

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Jan 23 2011

Episode 48 – Duck’s Ache

Ganglord Don Spinosa revisits his past and the start of his criminal legacy.

By Mick Bordet

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Jan 22 2011

Episode 47 – Now or Never

The last chance of a failing relationship – or is it already too late?

By Odin1Eye and Emily of New Moon

Find his Blog at: View from Valhalla

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Jan 19 2011

Episode 46 – Hyde and Seek

When an old colonel travels up north, he finds more than he had expected.

by Katharina Maimer

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Jan 14 2011

Episode 45 – Debris

Sometimes old memories can be washed ashore with debris.

By Brenda Bryant
Rinkly Rimes

You can find the full poem at: Rinkly Rimes

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Jan 13 2011

New version of ‘Fetch’

Fetch coverWe’re delighted to bring news from one of our contributors. Scott Roche has continued the story of ‘Fetch’ that he started in Episode 42 of Every Photo Tells…

The full story includes what happens the next day and, suffice it to say, things don’t get any better for Father Ian and Jared.

Visit the Smashwords website to download the full version of the story in a number of different eBook formats.

The cover for his story is based on Katharina’s original photograph with her permission.

We hope more of our writers are inspired to follow Scott’s lead and extend their EPT stories.