Apr 20 2014

Episode 144 – Spiked

January 2014

January 2014

Father Stephan’s walk home is interrupted by a mysterious stranger with an unusual request.

By Harris Tobias


Find his Blog at: Harris Tobias Fiction


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Aug 10 2013

Episode 125 – Night Cap

A young woman on the verge of suicide gets unexpected help.

By Richard D. Asplund Jr.


This story was inspired by the September 2012 photo.

Find his Blog at: RAsplundJr

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Mar 27 2013

Episode 115 – What’s Past is Not Always Past

EPT 115
An old abandoned building and two people hunting ghosts.

By Val Griswold-Ford

Find her website at vg-ford.com

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Mar 23 2013

Episode 114 – The Last One To Leave

A small being finds something worth living for in his deteriorating world. Or is it?

By A.F. Grappin

Find his website at afgrappin.blogspot.com

The story is also available to download in text form (just read it direct from the web page) at A.F.’s website.

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Jan 12 2013

Episode 106 – Breakup

Breaking-up is never an easy thing to do, but Victor is a difficult man to shake off. Very difficult.

by J.R. Murdock

Find his website at www.jrmurdock.com

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Aug 11 2012

Episode 97 – A Simple Plan

There is a package to be delivered. How difficult can that be? Not as straightforward at you might think.

By Tibbi Scott

You can find Tibbi on Twitter as @iTibbi

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Jul 22 2012

Episode 95 – The Highland Welcome

Two redcoats on the hunt for a fugitive take shelter in a country house which is not exactly what it seems.

By Mick Bordet

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Jul 8 2012

Episode 93 – Five Pots Of Gold

Somewhere in Ireland is a castle, with 10 guests who were looking for a cheap holiday. For one guest after the next, the holiday turns sour and it isn’t because of the weather.

By Katharina Maimer

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Mar 11 2012

Episode 85 – The Bite

Jack’s family is threatened when the zombies come too close.

By Richard D. Asplund Jr.

Find his Podcast at: Random Pimpage and RAsplundJr

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Dec 11 2011

Episode 79 – Freedom

Episode 79 - Freedom
Juliette wakes up to find herself safe from the abusers, but something far more dangerous lies in her future and only her gentle rescuer knows the truth of his dark secret.

by Mick Bordet

More from Mick at: his blog and ‘Some Other Scotland’

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