Images, scents, music:  these are some of the strongest triggers of the memory and imagination.

If you hear a song, it can take you back to the time you first heard it.  You can focus on the music, enjoying the instrumentation, dancing to the beat or analysing the  structure.  The lyrics might inspire you or remind you of events from your past, they can make you think, laugh or even cry.  Like the elephant and the blind men, a song can mean different things to different people.

Take a photograph and show it to someone.  Will they focus on the subject? Is it someone or some place they know? Is there something that catches their eye in the background?  If they know nothing of the people or places within, will they imagine their own stories behind them?  Is that girl smiling because she’s in love or because she’s happy with her new red shoes? Is that car sitting by the road abandoned or has the driver run out in search of his lost dog?

On first day of every month we present a photograph on this site and follow it up with at least two short stories inspired by it.  We may come up with different stories about the main subject or completely unrelated tales about what is happening in the background.  The stories are released in the form of a fortnightly podcast available for free download from this website. Guest writers provide additional stories based on the same prompt, increasing the frequency of episodes each month.

Please note that this podcast carries an iTunes explicit tag. Some episodes are unsuitable for minors, so parental discretion is recommended. There are a few episodes that are targeted at a younger audience.


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