Jun 30 2011

Episode 75 – The Big Grey Man

A walk in the highlands bring three friends closer to an old legend than they should ever come.

by Mick Bordet


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Dec 29 2010

Episode 43 – Snowblind

There’s no power and you are stranded in blizzard conditions. Things can’t get any worse. Or can they?

By Orion Dauphin

You can find him at: @ObiOrion or Orion’s Universe


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Dec 19 2010

Episode 42 – Fetch

Father Ian discovers one of his old parishioners died under mysterious circumstances as an encouter in the cemetary proves.

by Scott Roche

Fetch cover[UPDATE: Scott has extended the story and made it available as an eBook. Visit the Smashwords website to download it. You can also leave a review at Goodreads.]


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Nov 29 2010

Episode 39 – Call me Eeyore

When everyone arounds leaves you in the most horrible way possible – what is there left to do?

By Odin1Eye

Find his Blog at: View from Valhalla


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Jul 26 2010

Episode 26 – The Silence

Sam tries to stop the source of “The Song” and save thousands of lives.

by Mick Bordet

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Jul 17 2010

Episode 23 – Reflections

A man doing his job – but does he really know who he is? Or is he lost because of her?

By Mark ‘the Encaffeinated ONE’ Kilfoil

You can find his podcasts at: the WEIRD Show and Understanding Podcasting.

From his Blog: A Long Way To Get To A “Reflection” (with a PDF of his story)


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Jun 30 2010

Episode 22 – The Song

Why are thousands flocking to the abandoned church and what makes Sam different?

By Mick Bordet

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Jun 19 2010

Episode 18 – Pick Your Battles

Of all the people one could piss off, this is the one who makes you pay most dearly.

By Dan Rabarts

You can find his website at: Dan Rabarts or Freshly Ground


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Apr 10 2010

Episode 07 – Disappearance

The local villagers warn Julia that people disappear from her home. When she arrives back to en empty house, she takes matters into her own hands.

By Mick

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