Danthology – new eBook

DanthologyWe’re very pleased to be able to announce that Dan Absalonson (author of “Helsa’s Secret Ingredient”, “Fezdon’s Mistake” and most recently “Stuffed Monster”) has just released a collection of his short stories under the title “Danthology”. In addition to his three EPT stories, this collection includes eight other short stories, mostly within the Science Fiction and Thriller genres. He’s made the collection available at both Smashwords and Amazon, so all eBook formats are covered.

More details about Dan can be found on his website dandantheartman.com and you can remind yourself of his EPT stories by clicking on the ‘Dan Absalonson’ tag on this page.

This month will be a little quieter than usual: NaNoWriMo is running, so we (and many of those who have written for EPT) will be busy writing at least 50,000 (or trying to). However, we already have our own stories written for November, so look out for them in a week or two – we just won’t have any guest writers this month. If you are a writer doing NaNo and would like to follow us, you’ll find us under the names kmlaw and SOScotland.

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  • Dan Dan The Art Man Says:

    Thank you so much for posting this on here! I saw the tweet but didn’t realize you put a whole post on your awesome website showing off the works of little old me. It is much appreciated. You guys are awesome! Thanks again and have a great NaNoWriMo.

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