May 12 2012

Special 01 – Tainted Roses

For the last weeks of the hiatus you get a novella by Mark Kilfoil that was inspired by the June 2010 picture. It will be a multi-parter and run through to the end of May before the stories of the new season start in June.


Tainted Roses

Chapter 1: The Getaway
Priscilla and her mother have hijacked a spaceship and are on the run. But why?

by Mark Kilfoil

You can find his podcast at: the WEIRD Show
And his website at: Encaffeinated!.

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Apr 16 2011

Episode 64 – Castle Wall

Time is running out for Ellie. She is being chased and must pass on her message. Who is the man following her?

By Katharina Maimer & Mick Bordet

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Aug 20 2010

Episode 29 – Lochside

Two people and a memory of a Scottish loch.

by Katharina and Mick

Photo: (c) 2010 Katharina

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