Aug 30 2013

Episode 129 – Ginnie Dare: Troubled Waters

On her last day on Neptune, Ginnie has a date. But it is not the one she hoped it would be.

by Scott Roche

This story was inspired by the September 2011 photo.

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Apr 22 2012

Episode 88 – Ma Coleman’s Faerie Giant

Father Ian receives an unusual request – one of his parishoners is being visited by a giant. Or is she going crazy?

by Scott Roche
Scott’s Website

Ma Coleman
[UPDATE] This story is now available as an eBook from Smashwords or Amazon.

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Jan 13 2011

New version of ‘Fetch’

Fetch coverWe’re delighted to bring news from one of our contributors. Scott Roche has continued the story of ‘Fetch’ that he started in Episode 42 of Every Photo Tells…

The full story includes what happens the next day and, suffice it to say, things don’t get any better for Father Ian and Jared.

Visit the Smashwords website to download the full version of the story in a number of different eBook formats.

The cover for his story is based on Katharina’s original photograph with her permission.

We hope more of our writers are inspired to follow Scott’s lead and extend their EPT stories.

Dec 19 2010

Episode 42 – Fetch

Father Ian discovers one of his old parishioners died under mysterious circumstances as an encouter in the cemetary proves.

by Scott Roche

Fetch cover[UPDATE: Scott has extended the story and made it available as an eBook. Visit the Smashwords website to download it. You can also leave a review at Goodreads.]

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