Obscurities – Part 01

When Del discovers a box full of strange musical instruments in the attic, it reveals more about her family history and holds some secrets to her own past.

by Mick Bordet

You might have noticed that Mick appeared not to have written anything for the last EPT prompt.

Now we can reveal why.

Earlier this year he spent several months creating music with some of the stranger instruments in his collection, blogging about the results and posting the music on Soundcloud. After some final edits and mastering, the music has now become a full album of instrumental gems that stride confidently between rock, classical, jazz, folk and blues.

To make the overall package more interesting, he also created some short stories about each instrument used in the album, but only when the latest EPT prompt appeared did he have the idea that would pull all these tales into one narrative, with the old house providing the perfect location for the whole story. These stories are available in eBook format in the album download (along with a set of photographs by Katharina) as well as being podcast here as a five-part special.

Available as a free eBook from Smashwords.

Listen to the album and download it from Bandcamp.

Direct Download

2 Responses to “Obscurities – Part 01”

  • Dan Dan The Art Man Says:

    I absolutely loved this story! It was so wonderful to listen to from beginning to end. What a cool story to go with such a treasure of an album! Keep up the great work Mick! Fantastic stuff man.

  • Mick Says:

    Thanks Dan, it’s always good to hear that someone is enjoying what we do, especially when it is something a bit unusual.

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