New Staff Member

If you have been a regular listener, you know Odin1Eye; he’s been a regular contributor to the podcast since we started, only missing one single month, and his tales of ‘Al’ are always popular. If that wasn’t enough, his blog View from Valhalla is a very well-known blog that reviews podcast fiction, though generally only finished books.

With more and more stories coming in, we need to sort through them all and, unfortunately, reject more to make the podcast manageable and ensure we bring you the best we can. This is why, for the first-line edits and reviews of the stories that come in, we wanted the best – we wanted Odin, and we’re pleased to announce that he has agreed to come onboard. His stories will be read by ourselves, because he can’t review himself, but everyone else has to go through him first.

All the stories sent to info ( at ) everyphototells ( dot ) com will land in his trusted hands upon review.
But fear not, dear contributors! He knows what he is doing :) !

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