Dec 22 2012

Episode 103 – Together Forever

Alex has had enough of love, but does the old man’s offer sound better than the alternative?

By Mick Bordet

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Dec 16 2012

Episode 102 – Dusty

In the kingdom of Elves, a new king was elected and his future queen gets ready for the wedding. But not everything goes according to plan.

By Katharina Maimer Bordet

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Oct 14 2012

Episode 99 – Stuffed Monster

Zack’s newest toy, a stuffed monster, is concerned about his place amongst the other toys. However, there is something far more sinister prowling the house, which he should be worried about.

by Dan Absalonson

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Find his Blog at: Writings of Dan

The story is also available as an eBook in various formats at Smashwords.

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Aug 5 2012

Episode 96 – Beyond the Lamp-Lit Wood

In her youth Laura spends many lifetimes in the land of the Lamp-Lit Wood. When she wants to return as an adult there is a price to pay.

By Nobilis Reed

Find his Website at: Nobilis Erotica


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Jul 15 2012

Episode 94 – Rocks and Stones

The village is relying on Clovis to protect them. But can he make the necessary sacrifice?

By Jeffrey Hite

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Download the eBook from Amazon
[UPDATE] This story is also available as an eBook from Amazon.


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Jun 17 2012

Episode 91 – Bamboozled

Agent, spy, genius, geek. Jo never wanted to work in the field, but when he does, it’s obvious why.

By Katharina Maimer

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Jun 3 2012

Episode 89 – The Empty Seat

When the orchestra needs a new flautist, it seems like Geoffrey has found the perfect candidate, but nothing is quite that simple.

by Mick Bordet


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Apr 22 2012

Episode 88 – Ma Coleman’s Faerie Giant

Father Ian receives an unusual request – one of his parishoners is being visited by a giant. Or is she going crazy?

by Scott Roche
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Ma Coleman
[UPDATE] This story is now available as an eBook from Smashwords or Amazon.


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Apr 13 2012

Episode 87 – Paths Best Forgotten

Dr Simon has a lab full of pixies, but they don’t take kindly to his experiments.

By Richard D. Asplund Jr.

Find his Podcast at: Random Pimpage and RAsplundJr


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Apr 9 2012

Episode 86 – Blazing Light

How three mice can turn a librarian into a mother bear.

By R. Taylor

Find his Website at: Trans(re)lating and or at Twitter as @DDog.


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