Jun 1 2012

Photo for June

Are you ready for June?
The photo for June was taken by Katharina in 2009.

If you are also inspired by this picture, check out the Submissions page for further information for contributors.

Please send in your written stories by June 30th to: info ( at ) everyphototells ( dot ) com

May 28 2012

Tainted Roses – Review

Tainted Roses has just received a glowing review at ‘View From Valhalla‘. If you have enjoyed the story (or not), VFV is a great place to discuss your thoughts about it.

We also welcome your reviews at the iTunes store or any other podcast sites, so if you have enjoyed listening to any of our stories please do leave a review or tell a friend (or ten). Spread the word!

May 1 2012

Photo for May

We are back with a new season and a new photo!
The photo for May was taken by Katharina in 2011.

If you are also inspired by this picture, check out the Submissions page for further information for contributors.

Please send in your written stories by May 31st to: info ( at ) everyphototells ( dot ) com

Jan 3 2012

New Year, New Plans

Dear Listeners and Writers,

We have reached a point where we both have a number of commitments outside of EPT that have reduced the amount of time and creativity we can devote to it. As such, we can’t guarantee that we can both write a new story every month, however, we don’t want EPT to stop or pod fade (more than we already have).

For the next few months we will, therefore, change the game a bit. There will be no new photos until at least March – but all the previous ones are up for the taking. This means we will still accept new stories, record and release them. You are able to choose from ALL our past photos, which you can see in the Gallery. So for those of you who had started writing for us in the past and didn’t make the deadline – here is another chance to get your stories in! We hope that by taking the pressure off a little bit, writers will have the luxury of being able to fine-tune their tales!

Listeners: we will continue to publish suitable stories we receive, so feel free to encourage your favourite authors to write something for EPT. Maybe send them a link to one of our pictures and challenge them to come up with a story!

The usual guidelines for Submissions apply. Please send in your written stories as usual to: info ( at ) everyphototells ( dot ) com

When we do return to our regular schedule later this year, it will be with a bang!

We are looking forward to all your stories and might still drop in the occasional ones ourselves! :)

Katharina & Mick

May 30 2011

Every Photo Tells… Book 3 soon on Podiobooks.com!

The third volume of our short story anthology will drop on July 6 at Podiobooks.com !
Join the Facebook Event and the fun. :)

Mar 28 2011

Book 2 on Podiobooks.com

The second volume of EPT stories is now available on Podiobooks.com, running from episode 30 right through to next month’s special episode 64.

May’s prompt is already up (please submit stories by 30th April), but April will be rather quiet from us as we continue to work on something special for our return in May.

Mar 13 2011

News and Hiatus!

After 12 months of releasing EPT stories, our work on the eBook and the launch of “Book 2” on Podiobooks on March 30, we will take another hiatus for the month of April.

There will still be a single EPT Special episode for April, that Mick and Katharina have written together.

From now on, there will also be a more rigid structure for the prompts and deadlines. The deadline for May will be April 30th.

In other words, the new photo prompt will be released on the first of each month and anybody wishing to submit a story will have a full month to write it. This will allow us to spread out the stories over the following month and better plan for how many we will accept and produce.

Jan 13 2011

New version of ‘Fetch’

Fetch coverWe’re delighted to bring news from one of our contributors. Scott Roche has continued the story of ‘Fetch’ that he started in Episode 42 of Every Photo Tells…

The full story includes what happens the next day and, suffice it to say, things don’t get any better for Father Ian and Jared.

Visit the Smashwords website to download the full version of the story in a number of different eBook formats.

The cover for his story is based on Katharina’s original photograph with her permission.

We hope more of our writers are inspired to follow Scott’s lead and extend their EPT stories.

Jan 8 2011

New Staff Member

If you have been a regular listener, you know Odin1Eye; he’s been a regular contributor to the podcast since we started, only missing one single month, and his tales of ‘Al’ are always popular. If that wasn’t enough, his blog View from Valhalla is a very well-known blog that reviews podcast fiction, though generally only finished books.

With more and more stories coming in, we need to sort through them all and, unfortunately, reject more to make the podcast manageable and ensure we bring you the best we can. This is why, for the first-line edits and reviews of the stories that come in, we wanted the best – we wanted Odin, and we’re pleased to announce that he has agreed to come onboard. His stories will be read by ourselves, because he can’t review himself, but everyone else has to go through him first.

All the stories sent to info ( at ) everyphototells ( dot ) com will land in his trusted hands upon review.
But fear not, dear contributors! He knows what he is doing :) !

Jan 3 2011


Happy New Year from ‘Every Photo Tells…’

It has been an incredible year, with forty-four episodes of the podcast released to date, ‘Book 1’ available at podiobooks.com, a Parsec nomination and an exciting range of writers joining us to share their visions of what our photographs suggest. When we started this project, we didn’t really expect to have more than a couple of guest writers join us, but already we have had a few months with four or five guests. We would like to say ‘thank you’ once again to everyone who has taken the time to submit a story; it fires the imagination to hear so many ideas come from a single picture every month and we do enjoy reading the stories and bringing your characters to life.

In some ways we are victims of our own success, finding that we have had to turn away some stories as the podcast has grown, just in order to maintain our level of quality. We’d like to quickly remind anybody who would like to submit a story of a couple of important points.

    We both have day jobs as well as other podcasts, so we need to allocate time to EPT stories, so that we give every story the time it deserves. We also try to release episodes, where possible, throughout the whole month, so getting your story to us as soon as possible does matter. If you are in any doubt about being able to hit the deadline, please let us know as soon as possible so we can plan around it if we can. If you don’t tell us and go past the deadline, then chances are the story won’t make it.
    Please get someone else to read your story before you submit it and also try reading it out aloud to yourself. These are tried and tested ways to check for mis-spellings, grammatical errors and story problems. If your story has any minor errors, we will endeavour to fix these before recording, but a story full of problems slows down the recording process, extends the time it takes us to edit the episode and pulls us (and potentially the listener) away from being immersed in the story. If we struggle to read the story, we’re less likely to want to record it, so… check it!
    Our submission requirements are for stories between 1,000 and 5,000 words. Please try to stay within those limits. If you realise your story is just short of 1k or you reckon you’ll struggle to stay within 5k, please let us know in advance. We can discuss the story, why it needs to be longer (or shorter) and what we can do about getting it into a suitable format for the podcast.
    Local Knowledge
    We’re from Scotland and Austria and, despite having a regular diet of American/Canadian/Australian/etc. TV shows and movies, we might not know how to pronounce that beer you’ve used in your story or even what a certain everyday word means. Chances are, neither will some of our listeners! If you need to use local colloquialisms or products in your stories, it would be good if you could provide some explanation about it and a guide to pronunciation, if possible. We can then include the details in our episode notes.
    We release the podcast under a Creative Commons licence (by-nc-nd), so you don’t even have to ask if you’d like to include a copy in your own podcast feed, just so long as you use the whole, unaltered mp3 file and provide a link back to EPT. All story rights remain with the writer, so as soon as it is published you are free to submit to other markets. If you do re-submit your story or use our podcast files in any way, please do let us know and we’ll let our listeners know and add relevant links to the website.

Now, onwards into 2011!